Pro Tour Qualifier II


A double-trouble event

Last weekend (10 & 11 December) the second Pro Tour Qualifier took place. Saturday was all about the Pioneer format, while on Sunday two sealed events challenged the skills of our players.

The two winners were able to get a place in the Regional Qualifier in Napoli, Italy in march 2023...

Pioneer Event - 10 December

On Saturday we organized a Pioneer event - the most played format in our community. 15 Magic players played from 10:00 in the morning until late afternoon and were able to prove their skills. In addition to 14 people from our community (this time some of our young stars also took part), we also had a guest from South Africa (Keeran Chetty), who ultimately won the event. Notably, some of the upper ranks didn't necessarily play top meta decks. Here are the results of the event:

  1. Keeran Chetty (Rakdos Midrange)
  2. Rainer Volkmann (Aggro Ensoul Artefacts)
  3. Hanjo Zimney (Mono Red)
  4. Michael Hassel
  5. Bernd Lippert
  6. Neill Jamieson
  7. Fabian Biederlack
  8. Mick Trübenbach
  9. Sebastian Dürrschmidt
  10. Steffen Rechholtz
  11. Martin Seiler
  12. Kurt Scriba
  13. Moe Lester
  14. Leander Müller
  15. Johannes Loytty (had to drop out early)

Some pictures of the event:

SEALED Event - 11 December

On Sunday we organized our first Competitive Limited Tournament. In the morning we had a Sealed Event with Brother's War Draft Boosters and played in four rounds to determine the leaderboard. 12 players took part in this event. After the preliminary round, the Top 8 from the Sealed Event played for places in a Knock-Out Booster Draft, again with Brother's War Draft Boosters. It was quite an intense and nerve-wracking day. Here are the winners:

1. Steffen Rechholtz
2. Moe Lester (Glenn Gebauer)
3. Martin Seiler
4. Johannes Loytty
5-8: Kurt Scriba, Fabian Biederlack, Benjamin Loytty, Sebastian Dürrschmidt
9-12: Jason Ndadi, Nisa Beetle, Leander Müller, Neil Jamieson


A big thank you to everyone who took part in both events.

Congratulations to Keeran and Steffen, the winners of the two days, who can now travel to Napoli to play at the highest level in the Reginoal Championship.

Many thanks to Angela for the perfect event organization, as well as Michael and Rassie, who "Rakdos-sacrificed" an entire weekend to be available as judges for the store. A little extra thank you again to Michael for taking the trouble to program a timer for Sunday's Top 8 Draft, which helped us draft compliantly!

It was a great event!

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