RCQ - Round 4 - Sealed and Pioneer Tournament


The fourth Namibian RCQ (Regional Championship Qualifier) took place at Imagine Games on the weekend of July 8/9 2023. It was a busy and exciting double event with a Sealed tournament on Saturday and a Pioneer tournament on Sunday. The two winners were able to secure a place for the European Qualifier in Lille, France in September 2023…

Our sponsor for the event was “Unplug Yourself”

Unplug Yourself

SEALED Event – SATURDAY, 8 July 2023

The Format for Saturday was Sealed with “Phyrexia: All Will be One” Boosters. The Top 8 did a single elimination “March of the Machine” Booster Draft afterwards.

In addition to 13 people from our Namibian community (Windhoek and Swakopmund), Keeran Chetty from South Africa flew in for the event. Here are the standings from Day 01, Sealed Event:

  1. Hoyt Battey (Winner of Day 1)
  2. Keraan Chetty
  3. Mick Trübenbach
  4. Neill Jamieson
  5. Sebastian Dürrschmidt
  6. Martin Seiler
  7. Nikolai Kaufmann
  8. Johannes Loytty
  9. Stephan Jacobs
  10. Bernd Lippert
  11. Felix Dichtl
  12. Cian Lindsay-Payne
  13. Julia von Wietersheim
  14. Alex Maritz

Congratulations to Hoyt for winning the nerve-wrecking final. You deserve it!

PIONEER Event – SUNDAY, 9 July 2023

On Sunday we organized a Pioneer event - the most played format in our Namibian community.

14 players took part in the event, among them our South African guest Keraan Chetty who – for a second time - won the Pioneer tournament and secured himself a spot in the European Championship in France.

Here are the final results of the Pioneer event:

  1. Keeran Chetty (Mono Green) - Winner of Day 02
  2. Sebastian Dürrschmidt (Rakdos Midrange)
  3. Johannes Loytty (Rakdos Sacrifice)
  4. Michael Hassel (Rakdos Midrange)
  5. Stephan Jacobs (Rakdos Midrange)
  6. Bernd Lippert (Arclight Phoenix)
  7. Nikolai Kaufmann (Abzhan Angels)
  8. Marty Seiler (Gruul Vehicles)
  9. Neill Jamieson
  10. Cian Lindsay-Payne
  11. Alex Maritz
  12. Felix Dichtl
  13. Julia von Wietersheim
  14. Ian Van Wyk

Congratulations to Hoyt & Keeran, the winners of the two days, who can travel to Lille in France to take part in the European Championships

A big thank you to everyone who took part in both events, especially the players from Swakopmund for coming all the way to Windhoek.

Many thanks to Angela for the perfect event organization, as well as “Main Judge Michael”, dedicated community member Nico for being there, helping out and taking pictures of the event. Big "Thank You" as well to Joachim Hassel for the excellent Catering (Gloulash Soup) and all the other helpers and friendly people of our community.

Last but not least, a very special thanks again to “Unplug Yourself” for the prize support!

It was a great event and we can’t wait for the next one to come!

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