Store Championships 2021


On December 4th, 2021 the time has finally come. As the year comes slowly to an end, the Imagine Games Store Championships are taking place at your favourite MTG store!

This year we're doing the Championships as a booster draft of the last release: Innistrad - Crimson Vow.

  • Doors open: 10:00
  • Tournament starts: 11:00
  • Entrance: N$ 300.00 (worth 3 Draft Boosters that you will receive) 

There are amazing prizes prizes to be won:

  • Arbor Elf: Provided to all who participate in a 2021 Store Championship
  • Collected Company: Provided to players who finish in the top eight
  • Wurmcoil Engine: Rewarded to the player who finishes in first place

Of course, the shop will add some cool promo packs on top of these prizes. And in addition to that there's also a lot of fame involved and the winner gets his or her name on the Nicol Bolas Floating Trophy.

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