Store Championships Constructed - December 2023


Thanks everyone who played at our latest Store Championships - the first Store Championships at our new store and definitely not the last!!! Was an absolute blast and really great atmosphere! Thanks especially to the new youngsters (Joni Graf and Moritz von Wietersheim) who played the Store Championships for the first time and gave the adults some hard thinking with their creative homebrews. 

We were 12 players and played with constructed decks! 

Big Congrats to super awesome Michi Hassel who won the Store Championships for the third time and is now all-time champion followed by Johannes Loytty and Steffen Rechholtz with 2 wins each!

Here are the top 3 results:

  1. Michael Hassel (Rakdos Midrange)
  2. Rainer Volkmann (Azorius Control, Yorion version)
  3. Sebastian Dürrschmidt (Keruga Fires)

Store Champions

Here's the complete list of all Store champions since the beginning of time @ Imagine Games.

  1. Jun 2018: Michael Hassel
  2. Sep 2018: Ian van der Colf
  3. Feb 2019: Steffen Rechholtz
  4. May 2019: Neill Jamieson
  5. Dec 2019: Rainer Volkmann
  6. Dec 2020: Fabian Biederlack und Alexander Sowden
  7. Jun 2020: Michael Hassel
  8. Dec 2021: Johannes Loytty
  9. Jul 2022: Ian van Wyk
  10. Nov 2022: Johannes Loytty
  11. Feb 2023: Steffen Rechholtz
  12. April 2023: Julia von Wietersheim
  13. December 2023: Michael Hassel
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